And now I’ve lost the feeling in my arms to pull the leeches stuck on my heart.


Dear heart

Dear heart,

I am sorry to hear about not cleaning up your mess.

Sorry to fear that I might one day leave you to rest.

Thought another heart would help you grow strong.

But once again, we lay tight in a ball with everything gone so wrong.

Sorry to starve you of this beautiful air.

That life sucking pain we drown in just seems so unfair.

So I will bury you now, hide you away from the world.

Now with nobody, just a bitter heartless girl.

Addiction of the Tortured Artist

The addiction to pain.

It leads us

To our endless need of distraction.

Our bodies; our hearts; art in pure flesh and blood.

The Altered Nihilist

The human the virus

The state of a nihilist

An act of darkness

When everything is meaningless

All doors are fake

All roads are circles

But you can open a door

You can build a road

To create your own realities

An act of love

The state of openness

The human, the nihilist, we are a dangerous virus.

Expired Loans

The barrier is broken. Left my brain and my pasts pain come back through

I cry to sleep because you made me smile today. Ten dozen and one laughs will eventually make me stay

Hurt me now before you leave. Hurt me now because I need you too

Don’t make it magical. Don’t make it true

I can’t loose my soul or our souls too

I hate that I’m into you because, I know how this ends I know of the expired loans of human bodies which our universe lends